I was forced to do it !

12.05.2016 kl.14:20
  • 12.05.2016 kl.14:20 i Blogg

Hello to you all! As you can see i'm back on blogg.no and i will blog here from now on. I also hope to make new friends here. One more thing if you read this post then i will announce you that i will write in English and not in Norwegian so that everybody understand's. 

The writing is a bit difficult for me because I'm not so good in detail, but I try to get better! I've looked around a bit, and I've seen so many good bloggers with great pictures here which is fantastic. I love photos and photography. Here on my blog I'll share the pictures I've taken and pictures I take.

And next to photography, I love Hama Beads. I love playing with Hama Beads with my son and create new patterns. And today asked my son me if I can make him Steve from Minecraft. So I did it! I used a large box of beads that I had bought from Nille, and it took me about 2 hours to make Steve, but it's done now, and here is the result. What do you think ?


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